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Defensive Driving Course

Reduce Points on Your License + 10% Auto Insurance Discount

Experienced NY Defensive Driving Course

With over 38 years of auto school experience, you can trust All Seasons Auto School to provide you with extremely knowledgeable defensive driving lessons. New York defensive driving is a part of the New York Department of Motor Vehicles’ Internet Point and Insurance Reduction Program (or IPIRP). This course is designed to teach motorists the driving strategies that will help minimize risks associated with hazards while driving. The defensive driving course’s goal is also to encourage drivers to adhere to all NY traffic laws and therefore help them use safer driving techniques to prevent accidents.

Who Qualifies For Defensive Driving Course?

The New York DMV allows any licensed driver to complete a defensive driving course to reduce up to four points on their driving record. Completion of the course also provides a mandatory 10% insurance reduction for three years. Whether you are required by the NYS DMV, looking to reduce ticket points or just want 10% off your car insurance, sign up to take a state-approved defensive driving course at All Seasons Auto School today.

Stay safe and Save Money

Enroll in our defensive driving course today to reduce the points on your license (due to violations or suspension). You can take our defensive driving course every 18 months and enjoy your discounted insurance rate (if you complete the course). Safe driving saves you money and saves lives.